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If you’re looking for an innovative cutting edge new company, then look no further! Magnetude Jewelry is like no other jewelry on the market, we have married beautiful designs with the strongest bio-magnets and energy frequencies for your health. Help to counteract the harmful effects of EMF exposure and increase your cellular vitality. We cultivate a culture of camaraderie and teamwork. We have one of the most generous achievable compensation plans in our party planning industry. If helping yourself and helping others sounds good to you, then you have found your new home! Welcome!


  • 30% commissions on your personal sales, with an opportunity to make an additional 10% more based on your personal volume
  • No monthly minimum requirements to be paid on your personal sales or customer purchases.
  • 6 Ways to Get Paid  –  Personal Sales, Personal Sales Bonuses, Fast Start Free Product, Fast Start Sponsor Bonuses, Team Bonuses and Generation Bonuses.
  • Up to 12% on your team commissions with no break away
  • Up to 2% on generation bonus 

 Earn extra income while having fun doing it! It’s up to you how much you want to work, you are welcome to join us!


Gem Rep Kits

“Show On The Go” – $379 – This kit comes with our beautiful Base case and 2 Medium Magnetic Tude Boards to display your Tudes as shown. It includes 5 of our most popular bases, 22 of our more popular Tudes in a variety of the price points, 5 stainless steel chains, 50 Trifold brochures, and 1 year of your own replicated website along with our GoRecruit App to make sharing all our videos and flyers a breeze!

an $852 Value! 

sell magnetic jewelry

“Starter Kit” – $179  – This is our starter kit for those who want to ease in to starting their Magnetude Jewelry business. It’s great for those that want to have a few pieces of jewelry to show while wearing, and will send their customers to their website to purchase. It includes 3 popular bases and a mix of 12 popular Tudes from the different price points, 3 stainless steel chains, 25 brochures, and includes one year of your own replicated website and our GoRecruit App to make your sharing of all our videos and flyers so simple! 

$414 Value!

Starter Kit

Big Splash Rep Kit – $999 – 

 This kit is for our serious Gems that want to make a big splash in their home parties or want to start to do vendor events. Take advantage of the deepest discount and variety in this kit. The Big Splash includes 12 bases of our most popular designs, 2 Bracelets; a Magnesport and a Geo, 2 sets of earrings, Silver Halo and Dangle , 3 Tude boards for displaying, 60 Tudes, 11 Stainless Steel chains, 100 Trifold flyers, and a 1 year use of your own personal website as well as our GoRecruit App which is loaded with flyers and videos for you to share making it a breeze to grow your business!

 a $2,181  Value!

full rep kit for selling magnetic jewelry

Basic Website – $99  

This option is for our replicated website and the GoRecruit App only.. It has no inventory or jewelry. This allows you to be a “Gem” and purchase at our wholesale gem pricing and sell to your customers through your website and earn commissions.

Get replicated site
OUR Reviews

What Our Customers Say

“I work on my phone at night in bed, and I used to get a tingling feeling in my hand from holding the phone so long, since wearing Magnetude Jewelry I have no tingling in my hand while holding the phone whatsoever!”

Joyce, AZ

“I have ADHD….never slept more than 4 hours at a stretch, mind always
going. I get 6, sometimes 8 hours now, never take my necklace off!”

Carole, CA

“We just hooked up our TV through wifi a few days ago and I started to get weird headaches. I put on my Magnetude necklace and within a few minutes, the headache was gone and hasn’t been back.”

Renee, MN

“I was getting lots of bad headaches and couldn’t sleep. At first, I didn’t believe that jewelry could help but was willing to give it a try. I gave myself a two-week test to see if it would work. During that time I didn’t have one headache and felt great. I have more energy and a spring in my step. I’m happy I tried it and now I’ll never take the jewelry off, thank you Magnetude!”

Wendy, IL

“I wore my jewelry faithfully for a one week trial, I’ve always had trouble sleeping. Since that trial week, I’ve been sleeping longer and not taking sleeping meds. I am a believer! I use essential oils too and now will have a beautiful diffuser to wear in my jewelry. Thank you!”

Karen, MO

“I had polio as a child, which left my knees in bad shape and they are always swollen. I wore a Magnetude Jewelry necklace for a week and my swelling in my knees went away. I took the necklace off for a week to see what would happen, the swelling came back. I then put it back on and a week later my swelling was gone again. Stumped my doctor! I will never take it off! Thank you Magnetude.”

Ruth, OR

“I have had Chronic fatigue, arthritis pain, and a recent Lyme diagnosis after 40 years of Symptoms. In just one week of wearing my necklace, I was finally enjoying deep sleep that eluded me for years. My energy level has improved, and my recent depression lifted. Thank you Magnetude Jewelry!

Julie, FL